Natural Language Processing NLP: What Is It & How Does it Work?

When a sentence is not specific and the context does not provide any specific information about that sentence, Pragmatic ambiguity arises (Walton, 1996) [143]. Pragmatic ambiguity occurs when different persons derive different interpretations of the text, depending on the context of the text. Semantic analysis focuses on literal meaning of the words, but pragmatic analysis […]

The Technology Behind Chat GPT-3

In the AI Insights graphs, the term ‘labels’ refers to intents. Learn how to evaluate the results of your labeling project in order to further optimize and improve future iterations and batches of data. The arg max function will then locate the highest probability intent and choose a response from that class. When our model is […]

How Does Image Recognition Benefits Businesses?

There are several edge detection methods like derivation, gradient operators, and several more advanced techniques. The fact that more than 80 percent of images on social media with a brand logo do not have a company name in a caption complicates visual listening. Each layer of nodes trains on the output (feature set) produced by […]