best payroll solutions for small businesses

Statista estimates there are currently around 57.3 million gig economy workers in the United States alone. The American workforce is placing increasing value on flexibility and work-life balance—two of the main benefits of gig work. It’s not hard to see why 77% of gig workers report satisfaction with their current employment. As the number of freelance workers continues to rise, payroll software will need to adapt in order to meet more non-conventional needs. We expect that in 2023, innovations made by payroll software companies will include changes geared towards this type of worker.

The platform provides payroll for both employees and contractors—and even offers a low-cost contractor-only plan. It facilitates employee benefits including health care, wellness, retirement plans and more. A payroll solution helps you manage, maintain, and automate your payroll process. In addition, integrated, robust, and well-configured payroll software can help small businesses maintain tax compliance and comply with other financial regulations. You can manage payroll processing within the Payroll section of your online Square Dashboard. PT to ensure your employees receive their pay via direct deposit on payday.

Patriot Payroll – Best solution for managing payroll, compensation, and benefits

Remember that a reputable business, like those mentioned in this review, will give you accurate and up-to-date information without problems. They will also help you manage and track all payroll data, including deductions, bonuses, taxes, and more which makes your real estate bookkeeping life much easier. Gusto’s payroll service is easy to use, has every feature, and is scalable so that as your business grows you won’t need to look elsewhere for another payroll solution. If you have the budget, we recommend investing in paid payroll software.

We reviewed 24 payroll services using a detailed methodology to help you find the 9 best payroll services for small businesses. Our ratings consider factors, such as transparent pricing, employee self-sufficiency, compatibility with third-party integrations, access to customer support and ratings. Many smaller companies rely on outside partners for benefits management or HR services. Justworks is a PEO solution that helps small businesses manage their payroll, HR, benefits and compliance. Justworks allows you to schedule online payroll and automate direct deposits for full-time and part-time employees.

Gusto is the best overall payroll company for small businesses

In addition, customers can reach support teams through multiple channels, including phone, SMS, email, chat or Slack. With Justworks, you can pay salaried and hourly employees, contractors, and even vendors. It can handle federal, state, and local payroll tax filings for you, including end-of-year reporting (W-2s/1099s). However, it only supports direct deposits and paychecks, so if you need multiple payment options, ADP and Paychex are great PEO alternatives.

It offers step-by-step screens, guidance, and tips for managing payroll and allows you to set up automations for recurring payroll. It includes multiple payment options, including direct deposit and ADPCheck. When ready, you can simply process payroll using Connecteam’s Gusto or QuickBooks Online payroll integrations or directly export timesheets to any additional preferred payroll software.

Payroll in action

It can handle all the essential tasks your payroll administrator will require, such as adding employees, taxes, reports, and payroll runs. After carefully researching all of the top HR payroll service providers, we believe that Gusto is the best HR payroll software in the market. ADP offers robust payroll services for small and growing businesses.

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