11 Tips On How to Deal with Alcohol Urges and Cravings And can be helpful in dealing with urges to use drugs too

Content The Fastest (and Most Effective) Ways to Curb Alcohol Cravings Remember how you drink, consequences you’ve experienced. Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Addiction Categories How medication can help Find new meaning in life They can also leave you more sensitive to alcohol’s effects and raise your risk of withdrawal symptoms. Experiencing alcohol cravings may not automatically […]

Alcohol’s Effects on the Body National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA

Content What Is Alcohol Abuse? Alcohol Use Disorder Statistics Medical Professionals Online Therapy Do I Have an Alcohol Problem? Find Treatment That Works for You While there is no exact formula to determining whether or not someone is an alcoholic, symptoms often co-occur. One symptom may snowball into another, fueling additional problems down the road. […]